We have returned to in-person worship. Services will also be offered online Sunday at 9:30 AM via Zoom Meetings. Please read our in-person worship guidelines.

To join us online, please email us at webmaster@oursavioursecaucus.church

Missed the service?  Watch on YouTube!

Episcopalians are Christians who take our cue from a God who loved the world so much as to come among us in our own flesh and blood. We believe it began in Genesis when God started creating matter and called each new creature “good,” or as the earliest Scriptures had it, “beautiful.” God called the earth beautiful, the planets beautiful, all fish, birds and animals beautiful, and all human beings, “very beautiful.” Not surprisingly – given this emphasis on the astonishing gift of God in human form – Episcopalians have been called “The Church of Christmas Day.” We do not discount the central place of the Cross in our faith. It is because of the cross that we know God loves all that God made. No one is outside the arms of God’s mercy and compassion.

The church you will meet when you visit is far more than a building: it is the CHURCH – God in the world and the community of worship. Church of Our Saviour is — as it has been – a place of changed lives, laughter, tears, music, meetings and ministries, baptisms, marriages, funerals, classes, addiction self-help groups, and much love.

What we share is that we’ve embraced the Gospel’s vision of hope and love and profound acceptance in the name of Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us together to reflect a better way of being in the world. As you will see, we are black and white, women and men, young and old, liberal and conservative, gay and straight, single and married, from Secaucus and Jersey City, New York and the places all around us.

If there is anything we can do to make you feel more welcome, please let us know at vicar@oursavioursecaucus.church

Join us!