We love weddings! The Celebration and Blessing of a marriage is a sacrament available to both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The very word “celebration” expresses the joy that characterizes the event and its public and corporate nature. The word “blessing” is a reminder of the solemn, religious context of this holy covenant.

In the wedding service, the two people promise in God’s name to be faithful to each other for life. The congregation commits to support the couple and prays that God will strengthen and guide them in their life together. The priest proclaims God’s blessing upon them. The sacred nature of the service and the solemnity of the promises made by the couple influences the decisions to be made about the wedding. A wedding in the Episcopal Church is one of great beauty and depth.

Because marriage is such an important undertaking for any couple, a series of conversations are scheduled to take place between the couple and the priest, both to plan the service and to explore a Christian understanding of marriage.

To be married in the Episcopal Church, one of the couple must be a baptized Christian (regardless of tradition). Divorced persons may be married in the Church, provided that the Bishop’s permission is obtained. Explanations regarding the use of the church, fees, flowers, photography and other matters are outlined in a Wedding Information Sheet available from the Parish Office.